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Captiva’s big systems experience helps your organization succeed

We have helped government agencies plan and implement billion-dollar projects that are critical to national security, as well as chart the course for transitioning one of the largest departments to cloud.

Whether your motivation is to reduce spending, gain a competitive advantage, or improve efficiency of your workforce, Captiva can help you achieve your goals with our IT Consultancy. We match your business needs to information technology, eliminate fluff, redundancy, and pet projects, and help to implement your business systems.

Alignment of IT to Business

Sales calls, technical staff, and other business leaders have given you solutions but have no understanding of your business. We approach alignment differently by getting an objective understanding of your business, your goals, your definition of success, and your current business processes and system to develop an IT Success Map™. The IT Success Map™ is the tool that identifies redundant systems, significant gaps, and inefficiencies, and charts a course to make information technology accelerate your operations.

Product Evaluation, Assessment, and Selection

With knowledge of your business priorities, Captiva can help you identify the right IT solution to accelerate your operations. Our experience with IT tools in a wide variety of operational areas allows us to rapidly and efficiently match the correct solutions to your needs. Our comprehensive evaluation approach allows us to rapidly support industries or areas where we have less experience. All information is available to you, transparently and openly, so that you can see the alignment of the solutions to your business needs.

Prototyping and Concept Creation

When you need to see a solution in action, but a stock demo is just not enough, we can rapidly develop prototypes that give you insights into how IT solutions can accelerate your operations. Our method iteratively develops prototypes, with frequent reviews, to help organizations make the case – or not – for implementing IT solutions. Our skills are in workflow, case management, IoT sensors and integration, and data analytics.

Budget Development

The key CIO job is to implement IT at the right time, for the right cost, and to solve the right problems to optimize an organization’s operations. Our CIO support services include budget development, from project-level budgets to an organization’s multi-year plan. From billion-dollar Government projects using formal Captiva Planning processes to small businesses looking for rapid cost estimates, our budgeting experts have the right mix of technical and financial experience to help you develop accurate budget plans and cost estimates.

Program/Project Management and Oversight

Whether you need extra hands for surge projects, or long-term independent oversight, Captiva’s team of Program and Project Management consultants can help you deliver IT projects on time and within budget. We have experience in Agile, SAFe, traditional waterfall, and several other methodologies, and have helped government organizations set up and operate processes and infrastructure supporting their development operations.

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